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Toroidal Isolation Transformers for Medical Equipment...
Standard Power Toroidal Transformers...
Toroidal Audio Transformers...
Amplifier Modules and Accessories by AMPLIMO
Low Noise Power Transformers for Solid State Amps
Printed Circuit Mount Toroidal Power Transformers
Medical Power Isolation Units w/ Series-Mode Surge Suppression...
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Plitron Standard Product Order Information

PLITRON accepts orders for end-users through e-Commerce only.

Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Shipping Methods and Cost
Shipping charges are added to cost of orders.

UPS is used for all shipments.

Shipping charges are calculated on individual and automatic basis.

Orders are best processed using credit card payments, and shipping charges will be added to order total.

No taxes are applicable in USA.
Canadian orders add 5% GST. Ontario orders add 8% PST.

DELIVERY : Stock To 4 Weeks.

Orders Are Non-Cancellable
Plitron does not necessarily stock all our Standard products. Many are built when orders are placed. Orders for Standard Products are non-cancellable. Be certain before your place an order, we cannot accept any cancellations.

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